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‘Dumbo’ Flies But Doesn’t Soar

Dumbo -the latest Disney cartoon classic to become a live-action film- had a good-but-not-great start this weekend at cinemas worldwide. The loveable flying baby elephant had just enough strength to fly past a strong second weekend for Us, … Read More

The Box Office Is All About “Us.”

The acclaimed Jordan Peele horror flick Us scared the hell out of the North America box office in the best possible way this weekend. Thanks to the dynamite opening for Us and the continued strong performance from Disney’s Captain… Read More

‘Meg’ Chomps On the Box Office

It was smooth swimming all the way for Warner’s sci-fi shark epic The Meg at the North America box office this weekend. The Jason Statham feature –unfortunately, he doesn’t play the shark- helped keep multiplexes lively at a time that… Read More

Keanu Review: Kitty In The Hood

Keanu Review
out of 5
The comedy duo Key & Peele once had the funniest show on Comedy Central. Their irreverent brand of sketch comedy, usually with the mega-talented Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele playing most, if not all of the characters, had more hits…  Read More
out of 5