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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Review (Blu-ray)

Who knew Robert Downey Jr. was out of rehab long enough to star in a feature-length film a year ago? Lethal Weapon's Shane Black did, and took a big chance employing the drug-troubled actor alongside Val Kilmer, Corben Bersen and…  Read More
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Basic Instinct 2 Review (Blu-ray)

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Admit it, guys; secretly you've anxiously awaited the release of Basic Instinct 2 on Blu-ray even though you correctly suspect an appalling film. And you know why, so I won't waste space presenting the obvious. What you don't know is…  Read More
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Ultraviolet Review (Blu-ray)

When word first broke writer/director Kurt Wimmer would release another sci-fi action flick in the same vein as his cult hit Equilibrium, my anticipation passed the launch sequence and went straight to liftoff. The man somehow pieced together a near-perfect…  Read More
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Amazon Blu-ray Sale Coming to a Close

Amazon’s “buy two Blu-ray Disc titles, get one free” sale is sadly coming to a close at the end of today, Friday April 15 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The sale allows customers to purchase 2 Blu-ray Disc titles from a selection… Read More

Blockbuster Going Blu-ray in US and Canada

Blockbuster has announced all of its corporate stores in both the United States and Canada will be renting and selling Blu-ray Discs this year. Select domestic franchise locations will do the same. Raising consumer awareness of Blu-ray and… Read More