Blockbuster Going Blu-ray in US and Canada

Blockbuster has announced all of its corporate stores in both the United States and Canada will be renting and selling Blu-ray Discs this year. Select domestic franchise locations will do the same.

Raising consumer awareness of Blu-ray and PS3 as a player will be aided by new Blu-ray kiosks positioned in the center of each corporate store. The kiosk will feature a 42″ high-def TV playing Blu-ray films via a Playstation 3 console.

No precise timetable has been given for the roll out of Blu-ray and the accompanying kiosks in stores not already carrying the format, but we’d expect to see them before the busy fall season.

This announcement coincides with a new feature added to this week that allows members to select Blu-ray as a preference. By doing so, all films they receive will automatically come in Blu-ray if that version is available.

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