Watch ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 1 Episode 6 Online

New characters will once again debut on Disney Plus’s The Mandalorian with the Episode 6 premiere, directed by Rick Famuyiwa — who also directed Chapter 2. Whether we’ll immediately find out who the mysterious person that concluded the previous Chapter is remains to be seen.

The premiere date for The Mandalorian Episode 6 is Friday, December 13th. It will available to stream via the Disney Plus app or website sometime around midnight ET or shortly thereafter. Find out how to watch The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 online for free if you haven’t already become one of millions of Disney+ subscribers.

Disney+ Free Trial

For an unknown period of time, Disney is offering a 7-day free trial of Disney+ that will allow you to quickly register an account and watch as much of The Mandalorian and other shows/movies on the platform that can be humanly crammed into a single week.

Once the trial is complete, you can decide whether to pay $6.99 a month to continue with Disney+ or cancel and pay absolutely nothing. Given the inexpensive price and great content that continues to grow each month, plus future The Mandalorian episodes and other Disney Originals to come in 2020, most folks opt to signup and enjoy the hottest new streaming platform around.

Disney is also offering a longer term annual option for $69.99 a year that drops the price down to $5.84 a month, over a dollar a month less than going month-to-month.

Disney+ Hulu ESPN+ Bundle Free Trial

There is also a $12.99 a month bundle option that includes Disney+, ESPN+ and the ad-supported version of Hulu. This deal is fantastic and many folks have already jumped in with both feet and endless hours of streaming options.

If you already have a Hulu account then you will receive a bill credit for each month that you’re subscribed to the bundle deal.

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New as of this week is an option to send a friend a Disney+ Gift Subscription Card good for a full year’s subscription. The price of the Disney+ Gift Subscription Card is $69.99.

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Look for the Disney+ app to show up on a variety of devices including Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles; LG, Samsung and Sony TVs, and Amazon Fire boxes and Fire Sticks.

You’ll need to install the latest update to have the Disney+ app appear after registering your free trial and account.

The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 Preview

In Chapter 5 ‘The Gunslinger’, Mando and Baby Yoda found themselves in the same predicaments as in Chapter 4. The Guild bounty hunters are after them both and there’s really nowhere to run and hide.

A cold open provided the first space combat and proved the Razor Crest isn’t great at dog fighting. A little ingenuity allows Mando to escape, but he must land at Mos Eisley on Tatooine for repairs.

Chapter 5 was the first episode written by Dave Filoni and not Jon Favreau. Filoni was George Lucas’s student during development of The Clone Wars and brings a healthy dose of Star Wars nostalgia to the table.

While Mando teams up with a wannabe bounty hunter to get the funds needed for repairs, and Baby Yoda is taken care of by a mechanic and her three prequel-era Pit Droids, locations and characters from A New Hope are presented in new ways.

The cantina, for instance, is now run by droids as opposed to not allowing their kind. Tusken Raiders are shown to be the indigenous species on Tatooine while humans are the invaders. And they can communicate through sign language, as well.

After the dust settles, Mando and Baby Yoda haven’t really moved forward. They’re back in space headed to whereabouts unknown. But the body of a bounty hunter, Fennic Shand, draws the attention of a mysterious figure in a cape with spurs as the episode concludes.

Once again here’s the last The Mandalorian trailer with a few snippets of what’s to come. The official synopsis for Episode 6 reads, “The Mandalorian joins a crew of mercenaries on a dangerous mission.”

Here’s the complete schedule for The Mandalorian Season 1 Episodes 1-8 for the remainder of 2019. Please note the earlier premiere date for Episode 7 due to the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere on December 20th. That episode will also include a special exclusive sneak preview for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Watch The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 Online Free

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