Wild Rumor: Miley Cyrus Auditions for Batgirl

A hot and heavy rumor has begun circulating the web suggesting Miley Cyrus is not only interested in playing Batgirl in Batman 3, but that she has already auditioned in front of Warner Bros. Pictures executives.

Sure, and I was promised 20% of Batman 3 ticket receipts.

The report originated from The Globe who claims an insider told them, “She was sort of hopping around the room and had even written some dialogue for herself. The problem is, some people aren’t really convinced Miley has the acting chops to pull it of.”

Better yet, apparently Miley donned a full on Batgirl suit for this audition. Obviously her reps have no comment on the report.

This gem comes on the heels of Gary Oldman letting slip during Comic-Con that Christopher Nolan would begin shooting Batman 3 next year with a 2011 release. Then Oldman retracted his comments leaving us all as clueless as a few weeks ago.

The irony of all these rumors is Nolan is completely tied up in shooting his new film Inception. Batman 3 is probably the last thing on his mind at the moment.

As much as Miley has already professed a desire to leave her tween years behind and enter adulthood, jumping from Hannah Montana to Nolan’s Batman universe seems like a bit of a stretch. Do you all agree? Chime in below.

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