Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5 Online

The PBS Masterpiece drama Downton Abbey faces tough competition tonight in going up against the Super Bowl with its latest Season 4 episode, though the current blowout score might play to its advantage. Robert will find himself on the receiving end of a surprise birthday party when we watch Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5 online free live streaming on PBS Masterpiece on TV or a mobile device tonight.

To recap last week’s episode with plenty of spoilers, valet Mr. Bates learned that his wife was raped and told Mrs. Hughes with some oomph that “nothing’s over and done with.” The suggestion here, especially considering the ominous musical cues, is that Mr. Bates will pull a “Psycho” and seek revenge for the horrific act against his wife. Can you blame him given he overheard Mrs. Hughes and Anna talking about not reporting the rape?

Mrs. Hughes was pressured into telling Mr. Bates about the attack when he cornered her. But in doing so, she altered one crucial detail about what really happened. Instead of outing Green as the assailant, she said it was an outsider who gained access to the home and, upon spotting Anna, became obsessed with her and tracked her down to commit the act. Bates doesn’t buy it and does find out about Green anyway.

Now that Mary has not accepted Gillingham’s proposal, she’s free to be courted by other men. It didn’t take long for a former suitor in the name of Evelyn Napier to show up. His appearance is strictly business of the government kind, but he clearly recognizes that Mary is now available after Matthew’s death and his presence puts him in play, especially since Mary has him and his boss staying at Downton Abbey.

The mismanagement of the estate continued in episode 4 with Lord Grantham foolishly loaning Mr. Drew, a tenant, cash. Mr. Drew needs the money so he can pay his rent and not be evicted. That loan will only go so far so Mr. Drew’s days at the estate may be numbered. At least a refrigerator was hinted at, another technological innovation after a sewing machine appeared.

Here is the official synopsis for tonight’s new episode of Downton Abbey, “Pride and prejudice mark Robert’s surprise birthday party when Rose’s potentially scandalous recruit raises eyebrows and Mary clashes with an instantly antagonistic man of the people. Bates and Anna step out, and Edith gets troubling news.”

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5 will premiere in the U.S. tonight at a start time of 9/8c exclusively on PBS Masterpiece. It will immediately be followed by the Season 3 finale of Sherlock. Thumb through the listings in your town to find out what the PBS channel number is where you live to watch Downton Abbey on TV in full HD.

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