Watch Captain America Fly High Over Explosions

Another Captain America: The First Avenger clip has come online via Huffington Post, this one featuring the superhero jumping for his life. There are some mild spoilers ahead so please skip the text and proceed straight to the clip if you’re sensitive to knowing too much.

The clip features Captain America (Chris Evans) in the process of saving Bucky (Sebastian Stan) from his Hydra captors. While Bucky is able to cross a steel beam to safety above massive explosions, Captain America is forced to jump across a huge distance else he’ll more resemble a “human torch” than the future leader of The Avengers.

Notice the helmet and “emblem” shield Cap is wearing in this scene. It’s the same as he dons during the motorcycle chase which probably precedes this sequence by only a few minutes.

If you’re in San Diego then Captain America: The First Avenger opens tomorrow as a promotion to tie into the launch of Comic-Con. For everyone else, look for it in theaters this Friday, July 22.

I’ll be catching a screening tonight and hope to have my Captain America review ready for you all to read sometime tomorrow.

This new clip has some sort of embed restriction on it so just click the link in the player below to view the clip. After that, check out the four previously released Captain America: The First Avenger clips here if you missed them.

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