Watch Agents of SHIELD Midseason Premiere Online Episode 11

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns tonight with its Season 1 midseason premiere episode ‘The Magical Place.’ That place of course is Tahiti, and the secret of how Agents Coulson is alive will be revealed when we watch Agents of SHIELD online free streaming on ABC.

In the SHIELD midseason finale, the Centipede organization had taken the upper hand against SHIELD despite the recruitment of Mike Peterson to give SHIELD a little superpowered help. Thinking Centipede and the mysterious Clairvoyant wanted Peterson, Coulson walks into a trap and is captured by the Clairvoyant’s accomplice, Raina.

The big hook for the midseason premiere of Agents of SHIELD is that Centipede wants to know the mystery behind how Coulson is still presumably alive after being killed by Loki. According to TV Guide and an interview with Clark Gregg, tonight’s episode will finally answer that question definitively, as well as simultaneously opening the door to more questions and paving a path for the back-half of the season.

Tonight’s episode title ‘The Magical Place’ refers to what Coulson says like a robot after being asked about his time in Tahiti. The assumption is that SHIELD and Nick Fury, or perhaps someone even higher up, has placed a mental block on Coulson so that he automatically refers to Tahiti as a “magical place” anytime he tries to remember what happened there. Watch Agents of Shield online free streaming to find out Coulson’s big secret that not even he knows the answer to.

The flipside to Coulson learning about his past by Centipede extracting the information from his brain is that the evil organization will learn secret plans about SHIELD. Obviously whatever technology or even magic was used to resurrect Coulson, or create what some think might be a “life model decoy” or clone of Coulson, is something that Centipede has gone through a lot of trouble to obtain.

Previews for tonight’s episode hint that Skye will be in trouble with SHIELD yet again, and that Coulson learning information about his past will put the life of another member of the SHIELD team in jeopardy. Guest stars for tonight’s midseason premiere of Agents of SHIELD that will mingle with the main cast include Aiden Turner (All My Children) and Rob Huebel (Childrens Hospital)

Tonight’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 1, episode 10 midseason premiere ‘The Magical Place’ has a start time of 8/7c on ABC. Check your local listings to determine what channel number ABC is where you live to watch the Agents of SHIELD big return in HD on your TV.

As of earlier this week, ABC has shut the door on offering anyone the ability to free online stream show replays like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD shortly after they air. You can still watch the replay of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD midseason premiere online free streaming, though not live as it airs, here as a Hulu Plus member on iPhones, iPads, phones, tablets and more, or at ABC’s website or ABC Go app with a cable or satellite provider login from an approved list of providers. You can no longer just show up at ABC’s website and watch Agents of SHIELD for free without a login.

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