Warner Bros. Developing Justice League Movie and Will Reinvent Batman

Yesterday the L.A. Times published a profile piece on Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov that paraphrased the studio decision maker as claiming a Justice League movie was coming in 2013. The bold statement was the first signs of life for the Justice League appearing on the big screen since a prior version nearly went into production in early 2008 before being scrapped due to numerous outside influences.

Realizing the stir they had caused, today the L.A. times published a follow-up piece that reaffirms Robinov’s vision to put the Justice League in cinemas in 2013 as well as addresses some potential concerns regarding conflicting projects. For example, Robinov doesn’t believe NBC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ television show will affect a standalone Wonder Woman film or her appearing in the Justice League. He shares the of ‘Smallville’ and Superman Returns as an instance when the same character was being presented in two different mediums at the same time.

Robinov also believes that Batman will have to be invented for the Justice League which cements the end of Christian Bale’s version with The Dark Knight Rises. One similarity that will remain is Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas will be producing any future film starring or co-starring Batman so they’ll have a big say on how the new Caped Crusader will be presented.

Robinov’s vision is grand to be sure, and could be necessary if this summer’s Marvel films outperform The Green Lantern. Looking ahead, Marvel already has The Avengers on tap for 2012 and Iron Man 3 for 2013, both of which are almost guaranteed to be huge hits with Robert Downey Jr. in the mix. Warner Bros. and DC’s slate beyond The Dark Knight Rises next summer and Superman: Man of Steel in December, 2012 remains a mystery.

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