Warframe Celebrates Anniversary with Gifts for Players

Warframe Celebrates Anniversary with Gifts for PlayersTo celebrate the one-year anniversary of the original launch of the epic third-person shooter, Warframe, DigitalExtremes is offering all players–on both PC and PS4–a free gift and a new commemorative armor set as a reward for playing.

Warframe was available on PS4’s launch day and is currently the second most downloaded game on the mega-popular game system. Over 8 million players–here called Tenno–play the game regularly on both platforms, and tens of millions weapons and warframes have been crafted and used in the years’ time.

The free gifts for players are the Dex Furis pistols, which come with an exclusive LOTUS theme, high-fire rate, incredible accuracy, and low recoil. Dex Furis even has a weapon slot for further upgrading.

Also available–though not free–is the special Excalibur Proto-Armor set. The Excalibur skin is a limited edition item and will only be available through the in-game marketplace until 2:00pm EDT on April 21. This date also reflects the expiration of the free Dex Furis weapon. PS4 players just need to log in before that time and they will receive the free weapon in their inbox.

Warframe has a vibrant and healthy community of players and judging by the support of the developer and the players themselves, this anniversary is only the first of many to come.

Warframe Celebrates Anniversary with Gifts for Players

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