Wanted Blu-ray Unlocks PS3, Xbox 360 Weapons of Fate Game Codes

Earlier today Universal’s Wanted Blu-ray Disc set arrived at my doorstep and I was more than anxious to get to work on it. Checking out Wanted in theaters wasn’t an option this past summer so seeing it on Blu-ray marks my first shot at experiencing Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov’s first American effort.

While digging through the supplemental features I stumbled upon a handful of unlockable codes tucked away in not-so-obvious locations. This was an unexpected surprise as there is no mention of these codes on the packaging.

There are five codes to be exact, each unlocking a special mode on next year’s Wanted: Weapons of Fate by developer GRIN for Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. The game, based directly on the film, won’t be in stores until sometime between January and March, but you can certainly tuck away this knowledge and use it when the time comes.

If you don’t want to know how to find the codes or what they unlock then turn back now. Otherwise, read on.

Code 1: 01110100
Unlocks: Adrenaline Rush Mode
Located: After Stunts on the L Train featurette ends

Code 2: 01110100
Unlocks: Unlimited Adrenaline
Located: After Special Effects featurette ends

Code 3: 01100111
Unlocks: Headshot Mode
Located: After Through the Eyes featurette ends

Code 4: 01100001
Unlocks: Special Suit Mode Mode
Located: After Making the Videogame featurette ends

Code 5: 01001111
Unlocks: Super Weapons (oh yeah)
Located: A hidden “Fly” icon beneath the main list of extra features

Look for our full Wanted on Blu-ray Disc review in the very near future.

– Dan Bradley

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