Updated: Oh, Behave: Austin Powers Shags onto Blu-ray

Update: Sneak peek cover art added.

New Line Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video will enlist Austin Powers, the king of “shag,” for a December 2 debut on Blu-ray Disc.

Mike Myers has been busy of late having just been drafted by Quentin Tarantino for Inglorious Bastards as well as confirming he’s working on a script for a fourth Austin Powers film.

The Austin Powers Collection: Shagadelic Edition, Loaded With Extra Mojo Blu-ray set will include Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers: Goldmember.

None of the Austin Powers films will be available separately on Blu-ray Disc. If you want the debut of Mini-Me, you’ll have to take Goldmember with it.

The previous New Line Platinum Series Austin Powers DVD releases were loaded with extra features that will make their way onto Blu-ray. The extensive list is as follows.

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

  • Behind the Story
    • Commentary with star/writer Mike Myers and director Jay Roach
  • Additional Footage
    • Original ending #1
    • Original ending #2
    • The Henchman’s Wife
    • The Bachelor Party
    • We’re Called Flight Attendants
    • Cheeses of the World Series
    • Fendi Briefcase
  • Music
    • “Music to Shag To” – Animated sequence with a retro 60s background that has spliced together stills of Austin Powers and Vanessa dancing to a piece of the musical score
  • Trailers
    • Theatrical trailer

    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

  • Behind the Story
    • Commentary with star/writer Mike Myers, director Jay Roach and co-writer Michael McCullers
    • Comedy Central’s The Dr. Evil Story – Faux biography-like documentary detailing the history of Dr. Evil
    • Behind the Scenes of AustinPowers The Spy Who Shagged Me – Featurette detailing various aspects of the film’s characters, costumes and plot
  • Additional Footage
    • Secrets
    • Trading Compliment
    • Extra Foam
    • Nanook
    • Who Wants to Eat Him
    • Be Strong
    • Mini-Me and Number 2
    • How do you do?
    • A Chair Problem
    • Ambush
    • A Table Problem
    • Drink?
    • Number 2 and Fat Bastard
    • Being Cautious
    • Mini-Me Bites
    • Odor Problem
    • You Are So Beautiful
    • Sexy Detector
    • Arbitrary Orders
    • 2 Plus 2
    • Montage
  • Music
    • Madonna – Beautiful Stranger
    • Lenny Kravitz – American Woman
    • Melanie B (aka Scary Spice) – Word Up
    • Dr. Evil and Mini-Me – Just the Two of Us
  • Trailers
    • Teaser A
    • Teaser B
    • Theatrical trailer

    Austin Powers in Goldmember

  • Behind the Story
    • Commentary with star/writer Mike Myers and director Jay Roach
    • Fact Track – Subtitle track with trivia and fun facts
    • MI-6: International Men of Mystery – Featurette on the real British MI-6
    • English, English – Origins of the “English English” slang used between Austin Powers and his dad
    • Disco Fever – Featurette on revisiting 70s culture and music in Goldmember
    • Fashion vs. Fiction – Featurette on creating elaborate retro costumes in Goldmember
    • Jay Roach & Mike Myers: Creative Convergence – Process of Mike Myers immersing himself in multiple film characters
    • Confluence of Characters – Behind the scenes with the actors and their interpretations of their respective characters
      • Goldmember
      • Foxxy Cleopatra
      • Nigel Powers
      • Master Powers and Evil
    • Opening Stunts
    • The Cars of Austin Powers – A look at the creative and retro cars from different eras in Goldmember
    • Anatomy of Three Scenes – Comprehensive behind the scenes look at three scenes
      • Dancing at the Gates
      • Roller Disco
      • Sumo Battle
    • Visual Effects Featurettes
      • Introduction – Details step by step creation of various VFX scenes within the movie
      • Play Scene – Shows a car entering the Dr. Evil sub through various stages of CG. Same segment repeats, each time showing more CGI added to the scene
  • Additional Footage – Fifteen deleted scenes with optional commentary by director Jay Roach
    • Tops and Bottoms
    • Post Knighting
    • Book Covers
    • New Man of the Lair
    • More from the Belly of the Beast
    • Idiot Convention
    • Nigel on Goldmember
    • More Fooks
    • Hello Mahza, Hello Fahza
    • More Fat Bastard
    • More Fahza
    • Dr. Evil has the Con
    • Musical Number
    • Bad Reaction to the Sharks
    • Outtake Montage
  • Music
    • Beyoncé – Work it Out
    • Britney Spears – Boys
    • Ming Tea – Daddy Wasn’t There
    • Dr. Evil and Mini-Me – Hard Knock Life
  • Trailers
    • Teaser trailer #1
    • Teaser trailer #2
    • Teaser trailer #3
    • Teaser trailer #4
    • Theatrical trailer

Austin Powers Collection: Shagadelic Edition, Loaded With Extra Mojo on Blu-ray will carry an SRP of $74.98.

We hope to provide high resolution cover art and technical disc specs in the days ahead.

Do you want to see Austin shag in 1080p? Sound off in the dedicated Austin Powers on Blu-ray thread in the HDR Forums.

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