Trio of New Twilight Eclipse Posters Fail to Impress

Summit Entertainment has released a trio of new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse transit shelter posters promoting the theatrical and IMAX versions of the upcoming sequel.

The one poster shows Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner looking down at us like we’re peons while its companion has Dakota Fanning and her Volturi cohorts doing the same. The last has the newborn vampires emerging from the water as seen in the Eclipse trailer.

All the posters share one unfortunate trait: uninspired Photoshop work. These aren’t much better than the dreaded floating head posters that look like they were cobbled together in the moments before happy hour kicked off. Maybe Twihards will revel in the sight of their beloved stars, but Summit’s marketing team could have done a lot better with a little creative effort.

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