The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Promises Dr. Jenner Whisper Reveal “Very Soon”

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Promises Dr. Jenner Whisper Reveal Very SoonWith only four episodes left in Season 2 of The Walking Dead, there isn’t much time left for Rick to finally reveal what Dr. Jenner whispered to him in the Season 1 finale. A few more hours should be enough to get the answer to the mystery that has hung over this entire season.

In speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, The Walking Dead mastermind Robert Kirkman confessed that we will “stop asking that question very soon,” with the question being the Dr. Jenner whisper. I take that to mean that Dr. Jenner’s whisper will be outed before The Walking Dead wraps its second season next month.

The lengthy interview with Kirkman also revealed some other tidbits worth mentioning. For instance, Kirkman says the brewing conflict between Rick and Shane will erupt into a “brutal” confrontation that may very well happen in the next episode, ’18 Miles Out.’ We get a glimpse of Rick going after Shane in the promo spot for that episode so the odds are favorable that Shane versus Rick round one is just around the corner. Whether one of them delivers a knockout blow this Sunday remains to be seen.

Kirkman also addresses the Randall situation. He’s the kid who tried to kill Glenn, Rick and Hershel, only to get his leg impaled on a fence in an escape attempt. His friends left him for dead and Rick insisted they take him back to the farm to preserve their humanity. According to Kirkman, the people that left Randall behind could be part of a much larger group, and this uncertainty over who is out there and possibly looking for Randall will further fracture Rick’s group.

Read the Kirkman The Walking Dead interview in its entirety over at THR.

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