The Walking Dead Episode 209 ‘Triggerfinger’ Preview

The Walking Dead Episode 209 Triggerfinger PreviewThe Walking Dead continues tonight with the second episode in Season 2’s latter half, ‘Triggerfinger.’ Based on the promotional material I will be sharing with you below, things are about to get kicked up a notch or three. Spoilers follow from this point forward.

In ‘Nebraska,’ Hershel (Scott Wilson) reverted to his drinking days and snuck out to the town bar to drown his sorrows in booze. Against the wishes of their women, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) took off after him.

While Rick and Hershel were just beginning to reconcile their differences after an emotionally charged discussion, two men walked into the bar and upon sensing their intentions weren’t necessarily truthful, Rick put an end to each of their lives while Hershel and Glenn looked on in disbelief. What the trio will now have to deal with is the other folks those men were traveling with that certainly heard the shots.

Meanwhile Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), worried about her husband taking so long to return, grabbed a pistol and drove off after him without telling anyone at the farm. It was a bad idea that got worse when she glanced down to look at a map, nailed a Walker, and rolled her car off the side of the road.

‘Triggerfinger’ is promising some action on The Walking Dead on two fronts that will be music to the ears to those of you begging for the pace to pick up. First, Lori will have to contend with at least one Walker while she’s trapped in the car. Back at the bar, it’s a good old fashioned western shootout as Rick, Glenn and Hershel find themselves pinned down and under fire. I’m starting to get the impression that the peaceful life at the farm is permanently in the rearview window and it’s full speed ahead into the Season 2 finale.

Catch episode 209 ‘Triggerfinger’ of The Walking Dead tonight at 9/8 central on AMC. While you wait, enjoy some clips, promo spots and images from ‘Triggerfinger’ below, one of which will show sweet old Hershel as you have never seen him before.

The Walking Dead Episode 209 Triggerfinger Preview

The Walking Dead Episode 209 Triggerfinger Preview

The Walking Dead Episode 209 Triggerfinger Preview

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