The Hunger Games Footage Sees Josh Hutcherson Crush on Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games Footage Sees Josh Hutcherson Crush on Jennifer LawrenceToday was a big day for Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games based on the young adult book by Suzanne Collins. The film held its world premiere in Los Angeles with stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth on hand to help to debut what will easily be the biggest box office opener of the year thus far.

Along with The Hunger Games world premiere was the debut of the third clip from the film and first to feature Hutcherson as Peeta via MTV. Joining Hutcherson in the clip is Stanley Tucci donning a wild blue wig as TV personality Caesar Flickerman.

The setup for the clip is that Peeta is about to enter the Hunger Games arena and is being interview for the last time. Caesar prods him about being a handsome young lad and tells him he could get any girl back home.

Peeta, in response, tells Caesar there is one girl back home whom he has had a crush on since he was young. Caesar tells him if he wins the deadly games, the girl in question will definitely go out with him.

With a somber expression, Peeta reveals that it’s impossible to go out with the girl he has a crush on since he came to the Games with her. Only one contestant can leave the deadly Hunger Games alive. Cut to Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss with a bewildered look.

The Hunger Games will torch the box office when it opens in theaters everywhere on March 23.

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