The Hoff Takes Pain on PS3 with Movie Studio

In one of the more bizarre and unexpected stories to surface for Playstation 3 (aside from the LittleBigPlanet fiasco), Sony has announced a special guest star for the upcoming third game in the PAIN series, Movie Studio. That man is none other than “The Hoff,” David Hasselhoff.

Apparently Sony approached The Hoff to be in the new Hollywood-themed version of PAIN and he couldn’t resist the fantasy of gamers launching him into the air endless times.

The Hoff even stopped by the official Playstation blog where he added, “What am I doing in PAIN you ask? It’s the Movie Studio! What’s a movie studio without The Hoff? You can now put The Hoff into a launcher and fling me into harm’s way – exploding crates, cars, people – everything is fair game. And best of all, you’ll never even put a scratch on this mug of mine!”

To cap off this bizarre news and inflict more “pain,” The Hoff even recorded a cover song of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” exclusively for the game.

Who will really experience more pain? Digital Hasselhoff slamming into the ground? Or you having to hear him sing Culture Club over and over?

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