The Hobbit Trailer Surprises With Five Endings to Choose From

The Hobbit Trailer Surprises With Five Endings to Choose FromThis morning a second trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit hit the web as promised and offered a lighter tone than anyone expected. It ended with the dwarves, pinned under rubble, offering some comic relief as a troll flops down on top of them.

As it turns out that ending was one of five that Jackson and Warner Bros. planned on offering. There are four alternate endings available to watch as well, each zeroing in on a different character or characters from the film and delivering even more laughs. Viewed individually and each The Hobbit trailer ending might be considered its own clip from the film.

The “Gandalf Moment” is the first alternate ending and consists of a leisurely chat between Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins as they ride off on their adventure. There’s talk of a wager between Gandalf and the dwarves on whether Bilbo would show up for the quest. Needless to say Gandalf won the bet.

The “Bilbo Moment” shows Bilbo receiving a contract from Gandalf and discovering an “incineration” clause within it. He is told that references Smaug the dragon, at which point Bilbo passes out and flops onto the floor.

The “Sting Moment” shows Bilbo receiving the small Sting sword as a gift. It has never seen battle and might as well be a letter opener, much to Bilbo’s dismay.

Last but not least, the “Gollum Moment” brings back our favorite little creepy friend for an uncomfortable exchange with Bilbo. These two should make for a great comedic pairing as Gollum says “shut up,” Bilbo responds with “didn’t saying anything,” and Gollum snaps back with “wasn’t talking to you.”

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