The Hobbit Set Construction Photos Appear

Someone with a camera got on the studio lot in Miramar, New Zealand and snapped some pictures of sets currently under construction for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films. He/she wasn’t shy about sharing them on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

In the back lot there is a massive L-shaped green screen that you would expect to see a lot of action. It’s also out in the open with some buildings up on a hill behind it so we may get to see some dwarves or other characters in-costume shooting scenes in front of it.

Inside one of the soundstages is some Middle Earth architecture that immediately brings back memories of The Lord of the Rings., who published these photos, speculates the set might be Moria or the Lonely Mountain. Commentors on the original article are leaning toward the latter. I’m not up to snuff on my Hobbit knowledge so frankly I have no idea.

Shooting on The Hobbit is scheduled to get underway exactly one month from today on March 21. By then Peter Jackson will be fully recovered from his untimely perforated ulcer and ready to spend a ton of cash on a pair of movies poised to do huge box office business.


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