The Dark Knight Rises Set Footage with Tumbler, Snow and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Little is known of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in The Dark Knight Rises other than he’s a Gotham Beat cop named John Blake who doesn’t mind mixing it up in a good old fashioned brawl. The emergence of some new videos from the on-location shoot in Pittsburgh cast some doubt on the character’s allegiance. Spoiler Warning applies so proceed at your own risk.

In the video below, Gordon-Levitt can be seen slowly walking across a (fake) snow-covered street while one of the prototype Tumblers rumbles down the same street ahead of him. In his hand he grasps a gasoline can, which in an action movie usually isn’t used to refuel a vehicle.

Is officer Blake up to no good in this scene and working as an undercover agent for the League of Shadows? Or is he slyly setting up some sort of ambush against Gotham’s foes lead by sinister Bane? Or is John Blake a false name to mislead us all? Your best guess is as good as mine.

The same YouTube publisher, who has become a go-to source for The Dark Knight Rises set videos from Pittsburgh, added two additional videos that show the same Tumbler prototype as well as what looks like a military vehicle moving down the same street., along with a close-up of one of the three prototype Tumblers being used in the film.

Christopher Nolan and his team continue production on The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Marion Cottilard and Josh Pence. More images and videos from the shoot are inevitably on the way.

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