The Dark Knight Rises Promo Art Pits Batman vs. Bane

The Dark Knight Rises Promo Art Pits Batman vs. BaneIn less than a week, an all-new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will debut attached to Marvel’s The Avengers. In the meantime, we have some promo art featuring Batman, Bane and Batman’s high-tech vehicle toys to enjoy as the trailer countdown continues.

The first piece of The Dark Knight Rises promo art features Batman (Christian Bale) as was last saw him in The Dark Knight, cruising on his Batpod bike. Eight years have passed between the two films so there is no correlation between this image and that final scene. It’s great to see Batman back on the bike nonetheless.

Batman has his fist cocked in the second promo image, ready to put the hurt on someone. In the background is the new “Bat” flying vehicle that looks like it came off the same assembly line as the Batmobile Tumbler. This vehicle is expected to figure heavily into one of the big action set-pieces of the film that was shot mostly in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Promo art image three is Batman walking through the streets of Gotham as buildings seem to crumble behind him. Bane (Tom Hardy) brings with him a weapon of mass destruction put to use on Gotham’s football stadium as seen in the trailer. Are we to believe that the devastation will extend throughout Gotham and turn at least part of the city into ruins? Nolan wants to go out with a bang so I wouldn’t be surprised if Gotham is hanging on a thread before Batman is able to save the day.

Speaking of Bane, he dukes it out with Batman in the final promo image. We’ve seen this scene in the trailer and spy images from the on-location Pittsburgh shoot. The big fight, in the middle of a much larger brawl between Bane’s goons and Gotham’s finest, takes place in the snow.

Batman makes his last stand and concludes Christopher Nolan’s trilogy when The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20. It will include over one hour of IMAX footage.

Update: images removed per Warner’s request

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