The CW Arrow Pilot Premiere Preview

The CW Arrow Pilot Premiere PreviewTonight The CW premieres the pilot for Arrow, the channel’s latest dip into the DC Comics universe in hopes of finding a suitable replacement for the departed Smallville series that ran a full decade. Whereas Smallville featured a young man learning to accept and control his superpowers, Arrow drops the “super” and grounds itself in a world sans superpowers but desperately in need of a “hero.”

In Arrow, Stephen Amell stars as billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who becomes lost at sea and stranded on a small island after his ship sinks, taking the life of his father. When he returns to Starling City five years later, he is not the same man he once was. By day he puts up a fake facade of the man he used to be. At night he becomes the vigilante Green Arrow in hopes of restoring peace and justice to his city and righting the wrongs of his family’s name.

The name Arrow instead of Green Arrow says a lot about the approach of the show. In speaking with Blastr, co-creator and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg admitted to taking the “Christopher Nolan” approach to his superhero tale. The character Green Arrow is never called that by name, much like Catwoman is never referenced by her name but you still know it’s her. Green Arrow will rely on no superhero powers nor have to face them. Everything that happens in the show could theoretically happen in real life.

Kreisberg does say he considers one edge that Green Arrow has could be considered a superhero power depending on how you look at it. He is completely unafraid of death, and as such is willing to tackle any situation – regardless of its danger – head on.

As the first season of Arrow progresses we will get to see a lot of Queen’s backstory, both his time spent on the island and playboy life before the crash. These flashbacks will play an integral role into revealing how Green Arrow as a man was born. If you don’t like flashbacks then be prepared to stomach them or take a hike.

Kreisberg also teases that DC Comics cameos will be scattered throughout Arrow, some for characters that have already been seen in non-comic form and other making their debut. These Easter Eggs of sorts will be fun to spot and track as the season progresses.

Tonight’s premiere is all about introducing Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. Be sure to set your DVR and hopefully enjoy the latest comic book character to hit the small screen. In the meantime, get a taste of what Arrow will deliver in the promo spots below.

Interview source: Blastr

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