The Curious Case of Benjamin Button HD Trailer

A year ago the teaser trailer for Cloverfield erupted onto screens preceding Michael Bay’s Transformers and sparked more post-viewing chatter than Optimus Prime and his mates managed to.

A strong 2008 contender for surprise teaser trailer of the year is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which preceded all prints of Paramount’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The trailer introduces us to Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, a baby born “under unusual circumstances” in a pint-sized elderly man’s body that ages in reverse. As if that premise weren’t whacked enough, a creepy score is guaranteed to stick in your head as effectively as imagery of Brad in droopy old man makeup will. It’s an action figure waiting to happen.

The full HD trailer is now up at (view here) in case you skipped Indy IV. It’s definitely worth having a peek at.

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