The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: Peter Parker Gets Witty

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: Peter Parker Gets WittyDirector Marc Webb’s latest The Amazing Spider-Man trailer crept onto the Internet late last night to offer a partial glimpse at the all-new footage Sony Pictures debuted in an exclusive global sneak preview a few hours prior.

Sony is marketing the 3D webslinger reboot as the “untold story” of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), his first love Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and the villain that Parker and his family had a direct hand in creating: The Lizard (Rhys Ifans). There are some quick glimpses of The Lizard in the trailer including his hand, eye, massive tail, and an early version that looks like it’s Dr. Connors still in the process of his transformation.

We can gather from the trailer that Stone’s father George, a police lieutenant (Denis Leary), has it out for both Peter Parker and its alt persona, Spider-Man. At one point in the trailer he issues an arrest warrant for the vigilante, and in another he’s scolds his fellow officers for not being able to take Spidey down.

This The Amazing Spider-Man trailer will play in 3D theatrically and you can see where the extra dimension will come into play. There are a couple moments when things fly at the camera, including the first web that Peter shoots out of his inventive web shooters. Another sequence takes to the air from a first-person perspective as Spider-Man swings down a city street.

For me, the best part of the trailer has Spider-Man in the back of a car while a criminal is attempting to steal it. Here Parker kicks in that wise-cracking wit that Spider-Man is known for, and does it with all the nerdy charm that makes the character great. The runner-up scene goes to a simple exchange between Gwen and Peter in a window that offers a glimpse into the chemistry the two actors share.

July 3, 2012 is when The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into your local multiplex and vie for a big piece of the Fourth of July box office pie.

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