Ten New High-Res Star Trek Images

I am a casual Star Trek observer at best who enjoys the series for what it is but would lose unceremoniously in the first round of Who Wants to be a Star Trek Millionaire. Had the new Star Trek movie been a continuation of the Generations cast or even Deep Space Nine or Voyager my interest would have been mild at best.

This new younger Trek has me generally excited. It throws off a “Hey! You don’t have to be a Star Trek fanatic to enjoy me” vibe. Whether that transcends the barrier between casual moviegoer and sci-fi enthusiast is a mystery not even J.J. Abrams has an answer for.

Each time Paramount throws out new trailers or images my excitement ticks up another notch. These 10 new high-res Star Trek images released today are nearly identical to fleeting shots from the various trailers. Click on each for the full-size versions and love them nonetheless.

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