Taken 2 Trailer Makes Liam Neeson a Daddy Role Model

Taken 2 Trailer Makes Liam Neeson a Daddy Role ModelIt’s a family affair in the new Taken 2 trailer with Liam Neeson and his expressionless stare as Bryan Mills once again forced to rescue an immediate family member from a large group of international thugs. This time around he’s got some help to dish out the kill shots and neck snappings with precision and ease.

In Taken, Maggie Grace spent much of the film off-camera after being abducted from her hotel room overseas. Her daddy saved her and consequently really pissed off a much larger group of thugs lead by Rade Sherbedgia, the father of one of the kidnappers Mills relieved of his life.

The Taken 2 trailer tells us that those thugs are out for revenge and snatch up Bryan and his wife as a first step. His daughter avoids being kidnapped and apparently takes up the family business of vengeful brutality against kidnappers to help bring mom and dad home. Maybe she will develop her own unique “particular set of skills” to get the job done.

Taken 2 is directed by Olivier Megaton stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Rade Sherbedgia, Famke Janssen and Luke Grimes. It opens on October 5 and could pave the path for a third film of Liam Neeson rescuing family members or forming the live-action revenge version of The Incredibles with wife and daughter should ticket receipts meet or exceed expectations.

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