Superman Returns Xbox 360 target render #3

Tiburon and EA have distributed a third target image for this Summer’s Superman Returns Xbox 360 game. This time Supes takes to the air to fight a Gargoyle from Cadmus Labs with his patented Freeze Breath. Isn’t it about time we got some actual game images and not target renders? My calendar tells me a measly three months and change stands between now and the day Superman Returns is in stores.

In distributing the image, EA offered this guide for understanding where target renders come from and what their purpose is:

“For those not familiar with the term, this image was created with models used in the game. The developers place those models into a 3D program, add lighting and shadows, then render out an image to use as a goal. The game’s programmers use this goal image as a visual reference to build towards as they game progresses – basically, this is what they want the game to look like.”

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