Skylanders Final Wave Release Date Moved Up

Skylanders Final Wave Release Date Moved UpWhile addressing the ongoing shortage of Skylanders figures on Facebook earlier this week, Activision casually added an answer to their frequently asked questions that will put the final wave of Skylanders in stores sooner than was originally planned.

Before the FAQ was updated, it was believed that Activision would split the final unreleased Skylanders between the spring and the summer. Per the FAQ, you can expect to find Lightning Rod, Zook, Warnado, Camo, Wham Shell and the Dragons Peak Adventure Pack (including Sunburn) in stores on or around Easter.

The third wave of Skylanders featuring the wide release of previous Target and Walmart exclusives Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant, respectively, along with Double Trouble, Cynder, and the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack (including Slam Bam) are now hitting, GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart and Target stores. A new three-pack includes Double Trouble, Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant.

Because of the shortage of Skylanders that began just after Christmas, they’re being scooped up fast and furiously by resellers (re: scalpers). If you’re looking for any of these new Skylanders, it’s best to call ahead to your local stores to see if they’re in stock – and if they can be put on hold.

Along with the new Skylanders hitting stores, older ones are starting to ship again for the first time since late 2011. I’ve personally spotted Sonic Boom, Stump Smash, Voodood, Eruptor and several others hanging on the pegs of Target.

Look for our Skylanders: Empire of Ice Adventure Pack review in the coming days.

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