Saint’s Row: The Third ‘Initiation Station’ Tool Announced

THQ is taking the message “create and share” and injecting their Saint’s Row franchise with it in a big way.

Coming to Saint’s Row: The Third is the Initiation Station, a standalone character customization tool that will allow you to create any kind of politically incorrect miscreant to play with in the game or share with friends. If creating a new character from scratch is not your cup of tea, you can download one from someone else and use that as a base.

Initiation Station will be free to Playstation 3 owners, presumably when the full Saints Row: The Third game launches later this year. Anyone who pre-orders Red Faction: Armageddon will be granted early access to Initiation Station, though exactly how early has yet to be determined.

When Saint’s Row: The Third is released for Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC, it will include a new co-op mode that let’s you create a “dynamic duo” such as a cowboy and Indian or sex slave and dominatrix, both examples offered by THQ.

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