Rosalina Unlockable and Playable in Super Mario 3D World

Rosalina Unlockable and Playable in Super Mario 3D WorldNintendo’s upcoming Wii U exclusive Super Mario 3D World boasts a roster of four playable characters including Mario, Peach, Toad and Luigi. Make that five, actually, as this morning it was revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct that Rosalina is a fifth playable character that will be unlocked at some point in the game, possibly only by completing the campaign.

Rosalina, in case you’re drawing a blank with the name, is the Lumas adopted mother from Super Mario Galaxy who helps guide Mario on his mission through space while watching over the cosmos from the Comet Observatory. In Super Mario 3D World she uses a spin attack.

That’s not all. Nintendo also revealed nine other new things about Super Mario 3D World highlighted in the trailer below. You will be able to use the touchscreen or blow into the microphone to manipulate objects; hop a ride on the Golden Express train that is loaded with coins; play Captain Toad levels that put you in a 3D world and task you with collection Stars without jumping within a time limit, of course; Speed Run levels with 100 seconds to reach the end; mystery houses that will send you to another location to complete a task or defeat enemies en route to collecting a green Star; face a “Motley Boss Blob” comprised of an army of clones; engage in a top-down shooter stage; race on a Mario Kart-like track, only without the karts; play an unlockable bonus game called “Luigi Bros.” that will let you access it immediately without unlocking if you have New Super Luigi U save data on your Wii U;

Super Mario 3D World looks better and better with each new reveal Nintendo makes and today’s bombshell of “10 new things” should push excitement for the big Wii U holiday title through the roof. The game arrives in stores on November 22.

Rosalina Unlockable and Playable in Super Mario 3D World

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