‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ Update Details

While Sony is still having a hard time keeping up with Playstation 3 hardware demand, a concerted effort is being made by SCEA and Insomniac Games to ensure those who have forked out over $500 for a console aren’t being swept under the rug.

Over the holidays, a robust patch for ‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ appeared that addresses many of the issues gamers have encountered while blasting through Chimera and online foes alike. Below is a detailed list of what you can expect once the patch has been successfully installed.

Ranked Games

Map size determined by the number of players in the game

All maps available for ranked games

Score limits for team deathmatch adjusted based on the number of players in a match

Time limits added for all game types that were missing them


Added a game option to allow “map voting”, which will allow players in a custom game to vote on a new map from the results screen

Expanded tactical element of squads. In objective based team games (CTF, Meltdown, Breach), players will be able to select to spawn near their squad as well as all the previously available spawn points. Additionally, squad members will be displayed different on the map/radar so that you will be able to find them easier

We’ve improved the spawning algorithm to prioritize spawn points that are away from enemies and near teammates and squadmates

Wins/Losses are now displayed on the character sheet

We have replaced the Skeleton skin with a new skin, the Mechanic. We’ve determined that the Skeleton is much smaller and more difficult to see on many levels than any of the other skins. The skins were never meant to give a gameplay advantage, but to offer you the chance to customize your character as you see fit, and we don’t want people to be at a disadvantage because they didn’t pick any one particular skin. Never fear, the skeleton may make a return at some later date, in some form or other.


Chimeran rage damage multiplier has been reduced

Chimera at max heat will now only lose health until they are at 50% health instead of going all the way down to 1% health

Humans will now spawn with 1 frag grenade as well as the M5A2 Carbine

Enemies will now show up on the Human map/radar if they are within radar range of ANYONE ON YOUR TEAM and only in the following circumstances: They are sprinting or in rage mode, they are firing/attacking, they are jumping, or they are within range of node radar (Breach)

Most weapon damage values have been tweaked in the interest of balance. In general, weapons have been tweaked to deal slightly less damage.

Voice Chat

Voice chat is now “push-to-talk” by default in team games as well as free-for-all games. The standard button is L3 and it can be remapped. Open mic is active only for squad chat when you choose to join a named squad. In that case you still use the push-to-talk button to broadcast to your entire team. Other places where open mic is active are when observing in a limited lives game and when you are in a party

There is now an indicator in the lower right hand corner to let you know when you are transmitting on the microphone

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