‘Rainbow Six Vegas 2’ PS3, Xbox 360 Thermal Screenshots & Description

Ubisoft has released detailed descriptions and a quartet of screenshots for Thermal Scan and Thermal Vision, two combat tools featured in the Rainbow Six Vegas sequel. View the screens and read about the goodies below.

Thermal Scan
Philippe Therien, Ubisoft Game Designer
The ability to call a thermal scan from your intel officer is a brand new feature that gives you another weapon in your tactical arsenal. This feature is shown through a picture-in-picture (PIP) interface at the top right hand corner of the screen. The PIP shows a blueprint of the area you are navigating and identifies all enemy targets using their thermal signature. You and your teammates are identified differently using white and green symbols respectively.

The thermal scan gives you a birds-eye view of your current location, allowing you to see enemies hiding behind cover or even in different rooms. If you come to an entrance that has no door and a snake cam cannot be used, you can call a thermal scan to see if enemies are hiding behind the wall of that entrance. You can also use it to see enemies on different levels. If enemies are in an elevated position, they are identified with pink thermal dots on your scan.

As useful as the thermal scan can be, it only lasts a limited amount of time and cannot be recalled immediately after. This technology should be used in strategic areas that require more than just plain vision.

Tip: A thermal scan can be used as an alternative to other gadgets such as the snake cam and thermal vision goggles. You can use it to see what’s in the next room, or if enemies are hiding in a cloud of smoke or dust.

Thermal Vision
Carl Caldareri, Ubisoft Product Manager
Not to be confused with thermal scanning, thermal vision goggles give you the ability to see the thermal signature of enemies through visually impairing smoke or dust.

There are two key ways to use thermal vision goggles:

1. In conjunction with a smoke grenade attack on enemies
2. As a defense tool against enemy smoke screens

Thermal Vision goggles combined with a smoke grenade are quite useful against lesser equipped enemies that have no goggles of their own. You or your teammates can throw a smoke grenade into a room filled with enemies to visually impair them so you can flank them with ease.

On the flipside, some enemies are well equipped and ready for anything you throw at them. At times, they use similar tactics by throwing smoke grenades to create a smoke screen and obstruct your view. If you don’t use your thermal vision in time, the enemy can quickly gain the upper hand. An additional use for thermal vision is to see enemies in the dark as an alternative to night vision. You can’t see as far as you would with night vision goggles, but you can spot close up enemies very easily.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will be in stores this week for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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