PS4 Details Surface Ahead of Expected February 20 Reveal

PS4 Details Surface Ahead of Expected February 20 RevealNew Playstation 4 details have surfaced via Edge less than a day after Sony unveiled their myserious teaser video for the “future of Playstation” that is set to occur online on February 20.

Citing development sources that have been working with PS4 (codename: Orbis) and the next Xbox (codename: Durango), Edge claims the next Playstation home console will inch out the next Xbox in terms of power. It will use a GDDR5 solution that can move data at 176 gigabytes per second, and plans at Sony are to match the 8GB of DDR3 RAM Durango dev kits utilize, even though the Orbis dev kits are currently running 4GB.

Additional PS4 specs include 1.6GHz AMD CPUs, same as Durango, and an AMD R10XX GPU which is supposed to trump the D3D11.x Durango is utilizing. The bottom line from developers who went on record for the scoop is the PS4 is “slightly more powerful” than the next Xbox.

As important to the specs is Sony’s decision to a more PC-like architecture to make PS4 more developer friendly than its predecessor. Edge’s sources claim it is “very simple to work with,” unlike Playstation 3.

The PS4 will include a new controller that dispenses with the Start, Select and PS buttons and replaces them with a small touchpad in the center of the controller. In addition, a new Share button will be added that will let players upload screenshots and video to the Internet. The PS4 is said to continually record 15 minutes of gameplay footage at a time with no processing penalty. Think of it as the gaming equivalent of a DVR.

Sony is expected to ship a newly designed version of PS Eye along with Playstation 4 to take advantage of PS Move. Though no specs were included in the report, it’s hard to imagine Sony not beefing up the resolution of their camera system for the move into next generation home entertainment.

Noticeably absent from these latest Playstation 4 rumors is the inclusion of 4K resolution. Sony played a big hand of ushering in the mainstream acceptance of DVD and Blu-ray withe PS2 and PS3, respectably, so there’s a chance they will push 4K technology with their new console after debuting prototype 4K television sets at CES only a month ago.

Release timing for the Playstation 4 is, as expected, during the fourth quarter of 2013. However, the holiday release will be for North America and Japan only. Europe is not expected to get their hands on PS4 until sometime in early 2014. This same delay also occurred with the debut of Playstation 3.

Source: Edge

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