Prey 2 Teaser Trailer

Remember Prey? I won’t blame you if you don’t. It first appeared on Xbox 360 and the PC way back in the summer of 2006 via 2K Games with a fresh mix of Native American culture and aliens. Think Cowboys & Aliens only with Indians instead of Cowboys.

In a surprising move given the original Prey came out nearly 5 years ago, Bethesda Softworks has announced that Prey 2 is in development at Humanhead Studios and they’ll be publishing it on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC in 2012. This is great news for first-person shooter fans given Prey’s unique take on the genre and the technological leaps in game design that have occurred in the past half-decade.

In addition, Bethesda has shared the first teaser trailer for the game that is best labeled as unorthodox. It’s mostly live-action set aboard an airplane that comes in contact with a giant alien sphere penetrating our atmosphere. Look into the light, don’t look into the light; it doesn’t matter. This thing is “big.”

Enjoy the Prey 2 teaser trailer below and look for more information about Prey 2 to be released around the time of E3 in June.


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