Overlord to “Raise Hell” on Playstation 3 This Summer

The “Raising Hell” expansion pack for Overlord was announced a little over a week ago for Xbox 360 only, leaving Playstation 3 remaining sans the popular pillaging game. Rumors swirled its arrival was imminent; however, there was no indication from Codemasters to support them.

Sometime in the past few days and without any fanfare, Codemasters added a Playstation 3 listing for Overlord: Raising Hell with a summer 2008 estimated arrival. It turns out the rumors were true.

Better yet, the PS3 version will include 7.1 surround sound, screen hints, tactics and tips and an onscreen mini-map making it easier to navigate around the world of the Overlord — all exclusive.

The Raising Hell expansion allows players to explore and conquer 5 new supernatural realms. Defend the Overlord’s tower against waves of enemy attack with seven additional online multiplayer maps, including the competitive Capture the Maiden map and Protect Your Power The Challenge Pack also introduces a Legendary mode, which challenges you by using your most aggressive minion managing skills to complete the single-player game under exceptional circumstances.

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