Nintendo Dates Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort

It has been almost a year since Nintendo first demoed a fully functional Wii Motion Plus peripheral with Wii Sports Resort. Finally both the game and standalone peripheral have a release date.

Wii Motion Plus will hit the market first on June 8 with a price tag of $19.99. That puts it in stores a full week before EA’s big Motion Plus-compatible titles Tiger Woods Golf 10 and Grand Slam Tennis.

Wii Sports Resort, the official sequel to Wii Sports, will arrive in stores on July 26 with a retail price of $49.99. One Wii Motion Plus peripheral will come packaged with every copy of Wii Sports Resort.

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I had the opportunity to play Frisbee, Jet Skis and Sword Dueling with Wii Motion Plus last summer and can vouch that the peripheral does indeed give the Wii Remote true 1:1 motion control. I anticipate both the game and peripheral being hot sellers.

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