New Play Control! Pikmin, Mario Tennis Return to Wii

Wii owners have been clamoring for more first-party games since the console launched. Thus far the pickings have been relatively slim with only one big Mario, Metroid Prime and Zelda Adventure.

Nintendo is quick to claim these games take time to create which is a point well taken. To help break up the long stretches between first party Wii game releases in the future, Nintendo is looking into the past.

A pair of former Nintendo Gamecube games, Mario Power Tennis and Pikmin, will be released March 9 on Nintendo Wii. Each game has had its controls modified for Wii Remote and Nunchuk motion controls as well as support for widescreen televisions added.

While Mario Power Tennis will retain its Gamecube name, Pikmin has been renamed New Play Control! Pikmin to signify then new motion-controlled on-screen cursor. Other games will likely appear until this new label in the future.

Click here to pre-order New Play Control! Pikmin on Wii for $29.99 at

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With over 2 million Wii units sold in the month of November alone per NPD estimates, the market for these previous Gamecube exclusives will be exponentially bigger on Wii.

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