New ‘Overlord’ Xbox 360 Details and Screenshots

Becoming the ultimate evil ruler in Codemaster’s forthcoming ‘Overlord’ game won’t be as easy as stomping every peasant in your path. New details released point towards two distinct paths to completing the game and earning coveted Xbox Live Achievements. The first and obvious path is to use your munchkin Minions to wreck havoc as far as the eye can see. Acts of pure coldhearted evil will build your Level of Corruption and thus give birth to the ultimate overlord.

On the flipside, taking a passive approach to complete the game pure is required to earn a different Achievement. This means no killing peasants, no harvesting their souls to make new Minions, no stealing fair maidens, and no slaughtering entire races for kicks. One tick on the Corruption Level meter and this Achievement is squandered.

“In Overlord you’ll be able to do some pretty wicked stuff — everything is played out with this twisted fantasy humor, as the game’s visuals illustrate,” said Lennart Sas, director at Triumph Studios. “Our goal is not to shock with realistic blood and gore, but to create an entertaining world where people can explore what it’s like to have absolute power but in an amusingly gross way, not sick and grotesque.”

‘Overlord’ is still on track for a Summer 2007 release on both Xbox 360 and the PC.

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