New Moon Jostles Weekend Box Office Prophet Game Results

The Twilight Saga: New Moon ended up clearing nearly $143 million in gross domestic tickets sales over the weekend which tossed our Weekend Box Office Prophet game predictions like a fresh salad.

The Prophet managed to easily best the average player score for New Moon with $105.3 million versus $79.4 million. The players got revenge by predicting $14.5 for The Blind Side versus $10.7 from the Prophet. Both were far off the $34.1 million actual total but the players came out on top.

You can view the full results at the main Weekend Box Office Prophet game page.

Player rfmaddox was the only person to miss all five films by less than $50 million combined and they did so by besting second place by over $30 million. Impressive! A prize will be headed their way.

Check back Tuesday for the next round which will end early on Wednesday evening, and be on the lookout for pre-announced prizing beginning in December.

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