Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Unlockable Characters and Fatality Brutality Moves on PS3, Xbox 360

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe is now in stores for PS3 and Xbox 360 with, in true MK fashion, multiple Fatality moves for each character. The advent of DC Universe characters brings Brutality finishing moves as well, along with a couple unlockable characters.

You won’t need a special cheat code to open up these moves. They are available as soon as the character is available requiring a button combination specific to Xbox 360 or PS3 to complete.

Unlock Darkseid and Shao Kahn
The first step to unlocking Darkseid is completing the campaign fighting on the DC Universe side, while Shao Kahn required beating the campaign fighting on the Mortal Kombat side. Once complete, head to the character selection screen and to the following:

  • Xbox 360: Hold down the Right Bumper button
  • PS3: Hold down the R1 button

Fatalities and Brutalities
Each character, except for the two unlockables listed above, has Fatality moves (called Heroic Brutalities for DC Universe characters) requiring a unique pad/button combination to execute. We’ve listed each below with Xbox buttons coming before PS3 wherever you see a “/” in this extensive Fatalities and Brutalities guide.


  • Chest Stab (close): Forward(2), Down(2), A/X
  • Stab Slam (close): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, X/Square


  • Bat Swarm (close): Down, Back, Forward(2), B/Circle
  • Grappling Hook (sweep): Down(3), Up, A/X

Captain Marvel

  • Ground Slam: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Y/Triangle
  • Slam & Stomp: Down, Forward, Back, Forward, X/Square


  • Neck Breaker: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Y/Triangle
  • Claw Attack: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, B/Circle


  • Gunshot (close): Forward(2), Down, Forward, Y/Triangle
  • Neck Breaker (close): Forward, Down, Back, Forward, A/X

Green Lantern

  • Orb Squeeze: Forward, Back, Down, Back, A/X
  • Hammer Smash: Back, Forward, Down(2), B/Circle


  • Head Smash (close): Back, Forward(2), Back, Y/Triangle
  • Machine Gun (close): Forward(2), Back(2), X/A


  • Knife Throw (close): Back, Down, Back, Forward, X/Square
  • Flip Stomp (one step away): Down(2), Forward, Back, B/Circle


  • Fan Throw to The Head (sweep): Back(2), Forward, X/Square
  • Kiss of Death (sweep): Forward, Down(2), Back, A/X

Lex Luthor

  • Body Twist (close): Down, Forward, Down, Back, Y/Triangle
  • Missile Attack (one step away): Up(3), X/Square

Liu Kang

  • Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade Drop (sweep): Forward, Back, Down(2), A/X
  • Head Stomp (one step away): Down(2), Forward, Down, B/Circle


  • Ground Slam (close): Down, Forward, Down, Up, Y/Triangle
  • Electrocution (close): Back, Forward(2), Down, B/Circle


  • Toasty!(sweep): Down(3), B/Circle
  • Lava Pool (close): Forward(2), Back, Down, A/X

Shang Tsung

  • Back Breaker (close): Back, Down, Forward, A/X
  • Morph (close): Down(2), Forward(2), Y/Triangle

Sonya Blade

  • Kiss of Death (sweep): Down(2), Back, Forward, X/Square
  • Neck Breaker (one step away): Down, Back, Forward(2), B/Circle


  • Freeze Kick (close): Back(2), Down, Back, B/Circle
  • Freeze Slam (close): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Y/Triangle


  • Ground Pound (close): Down(2), Forward(2), X/Square
  • Freeze Slam (close): Forward(2), Down, Back, B/Circle

The Flash

  • Flashy Beatdown: Back(2), Forward(2), B/Circle
  • Whirlwind Slam: Down, Forward, Down, Back, Down, Forward, A/X

The Joker

  • Gunshot (close): Forward, Back, Forward, X/Square
  • Playing Cards (close): Back, Down, Back, Forward, Y/Triangle

Wonder Woman

  • Lasso Slam: Up, Back, Down, Forward, X/Square
  • Lasso Spin: Forward, Back(2), Forward, B/Circle

A quick note on The Joker’s fatalities. There is an uncensored version that is only available outside of North America.

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