Mass Effect 2 Hitting E3 Hard: New Prelude Trailer

The march to E3 promises to end in early June with an avalanche of new game announcements us media types will be scrambling to keep up with. Their thunder will undoubtedly steal limelight from pre-announced games being shown for the first time.

One way to successfully vie for press heading into E3 is begin the new media assault “now” rather than wait for the show’s doors to open. BioWare is doing precisely that with Mass Effect 2, starting with their pre-announce trailer earlier this year and moving forward with a new “Prelude to E3” trailer.

The trailer puts BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 project director Casey Hudson and his team in front of the camera to offer a variety of hints about what they will be unveiling at E3 in regards to Mass Effect 2.

Some of the details offered are expected like better AI, combat, visuals and level design. Others, like characters killed during your Mass Effect save not returning in the sequel on the same console, show some of the innovations BioWare is aiming to include.

The big tease is word that BioWare plans to reveal whether Commander Shepard is truly dead as insinuated in the Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer. My money is on he’s dead as we knew him and will return “something else.”

Mass Effect 2 may or may not come out on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. A release date or at least window should be unveiled at E3.

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