Marvel’s Ant-Man Movie Update from Edgar Wright

The last update we heard regarding Marvel’s Ant-Man movie came from Stan Lee in an interview conducted back in April. He confirmed Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright would be putting the film together, and expressed much confidence in the young man’s talents to do the franchise proud.

In speaking with MTV recently, Wright offered the first real update on where the project stands. “Once I finish [‘Scott Pilgrim’] and collapse for at least a month, I’m going to get back into writing it,” he said. “I wrote a draft before ‘Scott Pilgrim’ and my second draft is very much overdue to Marvel.”

Let’s assume Wright completes a second draft and gets it in Marvel’s hands by year’s end. We could be close to a shooting script by mid-next year and production around the end of 2011, early 2012. That would play into a 2013 release which matches up with rumors suggesting Ant-Man would be the next Marvel film after The Avengers, not Iron Man 3.

“It’s something that I’ve written and they very much liked the first draft that we did, me and Joe Cornish, so we’re excited to get back into it again,” added Wright, and I’m excited for him to get back into it as well.

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