L.A. Noire Offers 25-30 Hours of Gameplay

Rockstar’s upcoming L.A. Noire is already promising to bring us the most realistic facial animation ever seen in a video game. The trailers and clips, plucked right from gameplay. have confirmed that.

Wouldn’t it be a bummer to fire up L.A. Noire and blow through a 10-hour campaign in a single weekend? It would be, except you shouldn’t be able to complete the core campaign in even double that amount of time.

Rockstar and Team Bondi opened about L.A. Noire’s campaign at PAX East and revealed that there is about 25-30 hours worth of gameplay to enjoy. That doesn’t take into account any of the side quests, inevitable DLC or unassigned cases i.e. small incidents you may hear from the dispatcher while driving around. Depending on how thorough you are with your investigations into secondary characters, L.A. Noire could push the 40 hour mark or more.

There are a lot of great games coming out this year and like in Hollywood, many of them are sequels to proven franchises. L.A. Noire is the rare non-sequel which could give it a leg up when Game of the Year selection time rolls around.

L.A. Noire will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 beginning May 17.

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