Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning in Runaways Garb

Twilight New Moon co-stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have been out in the open on numerous occasions while filming The Runaways in Los Angeles. Photographers have been quick to snap the duo on set decked out in full wardrobe each and every time.

The latest pics to surface are perhaps the best yet and first worth passing along. Dakota Fanning in particular looks spot on and ripped straight out of the 70s in a halter top. Physically she has transformed herself into blonde-locked Cherie Currie.

Kristen has the Joan Jett black leather jeans going and is ready to rock. Hopefully she can pull off the on-stage performance as well as she nails the off-stage looks.

The Runaways from Floria Sigismondi is due in theaters in 2010.

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