Killzone 3 E3 B-Roll Footage, Cover Art & Game Details

Did you think the arctic level in Killzone 3 demoed during Sony’s E3 2010 keynote address earlier today looked bigger than anything in Killzone 2? If so you’re right because according to Sony, the levels in Killzone 3 are up to 10 times the size of the largest Killzone 2 levels.

Other new Killzone 3 details for the first time today to whet your appetite even more between now and the sequel’s February 2011 release date. In addition to the arctic level there are nuclear wastelands and alien jungles to fight through. The engine has been enhanced with optimized data streaming systems that will load texture and music content seamlessly. The visuals are improved with texture and mesh streaming throughout the game. And as the neck twisting melee kill in the E3 trailer gruesomely depicted, a new melee system offers a variety of kill moves.

New weapons will include the Wasp missile launcher and the jet pack, useful when going up against new Helghast enemies with new weapons, abilities and improved AI of their own. You will now be able to to battle from Intruders and land-based vehicle options, in addition to the aforementioned jet packs.

Killzone 3 will support full stereoscopic 3D gameplay in addition to a traditional 2D mode. For audiophiles, a new HDR audio system will dynamically focus the depth of field within the context of the game to create better immersion.

Check out a first look at the Killzone 3 box art and some b-roll footage below.

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