Killzone 2 Helghast Intel and Symbols Locations Guide

Killzone 2 on PS3 is sure to eat up your hours with its dynamic multiplayer modes. Yet within the single-player campaign there are collectibles to go after when you need a break from hunting and being hunted by your friends.

In total there are 52 collectible items in Killzone 2; 20 Helghast “Intel” cases and 32 Helghast Symbols or Emblems. The Intel is collected by simply walking over it. The Symbols are collected by shooting them into bits.

Many of the Helghast Symbols and Intel stick out like sore thumbs, especially since they “shimmer” when you move your aiming reticule near them. If you don’t know where to look or don’t take the time to look, you may find yourself completing missions with only 1 of several collectibles located.

Collecting all the Intel won’t just earn you a Trophy. You can use the codes within the Intel to unlock exclusive content at

This cheat guide tells you where to find each piece of Intel and Helghast Symbol in the game. The locations are broken down by the mission they appear in. Good luck!

Mission 1: Corinth River, Phyurss

Intel #1: While following Garza through the Stahl Arms Warehouse you will notice him kick through sheet metal. Hang a left down a corridor after he does this and you’ll spot the Intel sitting on the floor above a small flight of three stairs.

Intel #2: Towards the end of the mission you’ll be required to blow open a partially damanged large door with a rocket launcher. This is Verdran Overlook West, and the Intel is under a staircase near a wall towards the back of the room.

Helghast Symbol #1: You will be asked to turn a valve handle for the first time. Once complete, look for a large tower directly ahead with the Helghast symbol stuck about 15 feet up it.

Helghast Symbol #2: Garza will open a locked stairwell in Verdran Overlook East. The Helghast symbol is raised up on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Helghast Symbol #3: In Verdran Overlook West you will be required to climb a set of stairs. Before doing so, turn around and spot a chainlink fence. Behind it is the Helghast symbol just above a large horizontal pipe.

Mission 2: Blood Meridian, Phyurss

Intel #1: You’ll need sharp eyes for this one. After entering the building in Landing Zone 33, look for a bunch of wooden palettes on the floor. The Intel is hidden just behind them.

Intel #2: You will discover an elevator in Verudan Alley. The Intel is on the ground in a niche to the right.

Intel #3: Before heading up stairs to the Cableway Rooftops, look around the base of the stairs in the corner for the Intel.

Helghast Symbol #1: Be on the lookout for a damaged armored transport vehicle near Landing Zone 33. The symbol is in a doorway niche just to the left.

Helghast Symbol #2: When approaching Dakurol Alley you’ll spot two weathered Helghast posters high up on the wall. Look just past them for the symbol, also high up on the wall.

Helghast Symbol #3: You’ll have to turn a valve to gain access to the buildings in Wollan’s View. The symbol will be on the building’s top floor next to a turret, right at eye level for easy blasting.

Helghast Symbol #4: This symbol is hidden behind a chain link fence but it is well illuminated. It’s just inside the first building at the top of the ramp in Verudan Alley.

Helghast Symbol #5: Checking out all of your surroundings will help you find this one. On the way to the Cableway Rooftops, check above the doors just after you pass through them.

Mission 3: Visari Square

Intel #1: This Intel is between a pair of bookcases in the Malik Back Alleys. Spotting a cluster of bookcases is the easiest way to find it.

Intel #2: There will be a point where you must eliminate all hostiles. Once the task is complete, you’ll follow Garza and Rico into a room. The Intel is sitting on the floor in a corner.

Helghast Symbol #1: Look up on the face of the Helghast building with flags. It is under the central tower that is most illuminated.

Helghast Symbol #2: This symbol is tucked away in the top floor of building 2 in Prefect’s Office. Four doors will be along the same wall with two slightly open. The symbol is along a wall inside the room behind one of the doors you can look through but cannot enter.

Helghast Symbol #3: You’ll encounter a wired door at the top of the stairs in the Malik Back Alleys. While looking at the wired lock, spin around to the left to see the symbol hanging on a wall.

Helghast Symbol #4: Enter Ostoja End just before crossing a bridge. You’ll go up a flight of stairs and the symbol will be easy to spot at the top.

Helghast Symbol #5: The big open courtyard houses the final symbol in this mission. Look around the second stories of buildings to spot where it hangs.

Mission 4: Saluman District

Intel #1: Secure the area above the first enemy artillery, head into the shed and you’ll find the Intel lieing in the corner.

Intel #2: You’ll know you’re near the Intel when a Helghast breaks through a wall at you. Once you eliminate him, enter through the “door” he created and spot the Intel in the next room sitting atop a large metal cart.

Intel #3: There are four locations to plant charges in this mission’s final moments. The Intel sits on a cart between two of the locations.

Helghast Symbol #1: The first room you enter after exiting the tunnel has a large ladder in the middle. The symbol is on the wall to the left of the ladder.

Helghast Symbol #2: Garza will unlock a door across a bridge after you take out the first artillery battery. Moving forward you’ll find a walkway with the symbol visible up on the wall at the end of the walkway.

Helghast Symbol #3: Climb the first bridge and look for the symbol up on a small structure about 10 feet off the ground.

Helghast Symbol #4: You’ll enter a small courtyard with a Helghast building dead ahead. Look up at the buildings top edge to see the symbol.

Mission 5: Saluman Bridge

Intel #1: Enter the Radec Academy and look for the symbol on the floor near a column after going up a small flight of steps and turning right.

Intel #2: The easier one of all. Enter Radec’s office and the Intel is sits on the edge of his desk.

Helghast Symbol #1: Blast your way across Bridge West and then spot the symbol up above the doorway to the first Helghast building.

Helghast Symbol #2: This one is just inside the Helghast building. After entering the door turn around, look up and see it above the doorway.

Helghast Symbol #3: The main hall in Radec Academy has a symbol above its end. You’ll want to eliminate all Helghast before going after it.

Mission 6: Suljeva Village

Intel #1: In the Badlands, cross over the first bridge and look for the turbine on the left. The Intel sits on a metal plating at its base.

Intel #2: In the Maintenance Office you are required to hit a switch to open a locked door. You’ll likely spot the Intel just to the left before even hitting the switch.

Intel #3: Check all the corners in Waystation 14. The Intel sits in one of them.

Helghast Symbol #1: You need to find the symbol plastered on the side of a wooden barrel. It’s located in a ditch near the same turbine where the first Intel is at.

Helghast Symbol #2: There are tall smokestacks in Suljeva North, you can’t miss them. The symbol is high up on the side of one.

Helghast Symbol #3: When entering the mining portion for the first time, spot the symbol on the wall to the right just past entering.

Helghast Symbol #4: A building connects the two areas of the village. The symbol is above a doorway at the end of a hall in this building.

Helghast Symbol #5: Keep an eye on all pillars in Waystation 14. The symbol is stuck to the side of one.

Mission 7: Tharsis Refinery

Intel #1: The Control Center is easy to identify in the Processing Complex. It also has Intel sitting in it on a cart.

Intel #2: The Transportation Control Room has a large transit map on the wall. The Intel is on a table in the left side of this room.

Helghast Symbol #1: A train is docked at Tharsis Station. The symbol is literally stuck onto the train’s end. You’ll have to circle the outside of the train and head to the back to find it.

Helghast Symbol #2: You’ll exit a large container in the Processing Complex. Look to the right of the first weapon rack for the Intel.

Helghast Symbol #3: The Central Observatory has a large tower in the middle. The symbol is on one of its sides.

Mission 8: The Cruiser

Intel #1: The lone collectible in this shorter mission sits along a wall at the base of a column near the XO hold. It’s near a stairwell heading down.

Mission 9: Visari Palace

Intel #1: You’ll be tempted to rush up a flight of stairs to a cluster of enemy towers. Instead, head down and find the Intel at the bottom near a chain link fence.

Intel #2: There’s a small room off the Inner Courtyard with a table that has ammo on it. Next to the ammo is the Intel.

Helghast Symbol #1: The large enemy towers have support beams underneath their tops. Find a symbol towards the upper end of one of these beams just beyond the highway.

Helghast Symbol #2: This symbol is on the base of another Arc Tower.

Helghast Symbol #3: Right before busting into the Inner Courtyard, look backwards and spot the symbol on a wall.

Helghast Symbol #4: The final symbol is down a long corridor near the Palace’s foyer.

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