Halo 3 Xbox 360 Map Packs Have Arrived; Second Set Confirmed

The first set of downloadable maps, titled the Heroic Map Pack, are now officially available for purchase via Xbox Live Marketplace.

Available for 800 Microsoft Points, each map offers a unique experience. Standoff’s symmetrical valley, with its entrenched bases and fields of boulders is ideal for mid-sized objective and Slayer game types, while Rat’s Nest’s vast, labyrinthine passages bring something new to the Halo multiplayer experience: an indoor vehicle paradise, strongly influenced by the Campaign mode, ideal for big team battles. Finally, Foundry is the ultimate Forge map ” players can edit every single object in this voluminous industrial warehouse, place stairways, walls, bridges and tunnels to create an entirely new play space and build almost any kind of map they can think of.

As if the legions of Halo 3 players needed more reasons to stay logged on to Xbox LIVE and fragging, Forge also allows players to edit and customize all three maps, keeping Halo 3’s multiplayer experience fresh, exciting and evolving. In addition, ongoing updates to Halo 3’s matchmaking playlists ensure that ranked and social gameplay remains dynamic and competitive.

The maps of the Heroic Pack are available in matchmaking today to those who have purchased the download. All three maps will become available as a free download via Xbox LIVE Marketplace in Spring 2008, just prior to the next wave of all new Halo 3 multiplayer maps.

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