Gordon-Levitt Role in The Dark Knight Rises Back to Unknown

As of earlier today, we were all riding high believing Joseph-Gordon Levitt had joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and would be playing Alberto Falcone aka The Holiday Killer according to a report at Variety. Leave it to Variety’s primary trade competitor, Entertainment Weekly, to step in and kill the buzz with a lethal swat.

EW has followed up Variety’s “insider” information with a few tidbits from their equally mysterious tipsters. The good news is that whoever they’re talking to with access to The Dark Knight Rises production also confirms that Joseph-Gordon Levitt has joined the cast. It would appear that the odds remain favorable of a grand Inception reunion on The Dark Knight Rises with Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine and Tom Hardy.

The bad news is that EW’s sources say Gordon-Levitt will not play the younger Falcone and, adding insult to injury, did not provide even a hint as to who he’s signed on to portray. Cue the Inception score.

Variety and EW are fairly well respected trade publications and they’re not going to run a report on The Dark Knight Rises based on a late night conversation with the building janitor. They aren’t the L.A. Times, either; the publication that, thus far, has served as Nolan’s preferred outlet of choice to funnel information to all of us about his Batman films.

One or both of these trade sources could be passing along a deliberately planed red herring just to keep us guessing. That’s right in line with Nolan’s philosophy of wanting to keep as many surprises under his hat for as long as feasibly possible. With Hardy and Anne Hathaway’s roles already public, Gordon-Levitt is the easiest bait to dangle in our faces. It’s becoming increasing hard not to bite.

Source: EW

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