GI Joe Movie Bloody Baroness Spy Pics and have each published exclusive spy photos snapped from the on-location Prague shoot for the live-action Paramount GI Joe film.

Hisstank’s photos show a tricked-out black GM Hummer with some sort of grill attachment designed for ramming. The last pic clearly shows the Hummer was on the wrong end of a collision.

Moving over to reveals Sienna Miller as the Baroness decked out in the character’s signature skin tight black leather and wielding a machine gun. She’s also got streams of blood coming down her forehead, perhaps from being a passenger or driver of the Hummer?

We sure think so, and also think she’s wearing some sort of bomb or detonation device on her belt with the word “armed” clearly visible. I’ll personally volunteer my services to remove the lethal belt.

GI Joe is still on track to save the world in August, 2009. Click on the images below to view more at and

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