Get ready to rumble with 51 Rumble Roses XX Xbox 360 screenshots

It’s time to blow the doors open on that *other* fighting game where as much effort has been put into perfecting voluminous cleavage as refining the art of fighting. We have for you today a total of 51 screenshots from Konami’s upcoming Rumble Roses XX Xbox 360 sequel ranging from frolicscome cut-scenes to acrobatic gameplay action to the bizarre unknown. Babes and bears, baby. Babes and bears.

Fanboys should get their chance to rub half-naked digital babes against each other at the end of this month. And before you even ask the answer is no, we highly doubt their tops accidentally pop off. Although never discount out the slim chance an unlockable mud wrestling ring will appear. Who wouldn’t want to re-enact the scene from Stripes?

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